Willingness the quality or state of being willing: freedom from reluctance readiness of the mind to do

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Cognitive behaviour therapy, DBT, ACT and mindfulness training courses in Sheffield and throughout Yorkshire

High quality, evidence based training for people who want to develop themselves and their skills in working with people with psychological difficulties.

Willingness offers relevant, interesting, and exciting skills based workshops on a wide range of topics including cognitive behaviour therapy, DBT, ACT and mindfulness training courses.

Whether you are new to working with people with psychological problems or have many years experience we offer events to meet your needs in Sheffield and throughout Yorkshire.

  • • are skills based
  • • offer practically focussed sessions
  • • have clear learning outcomes
  • • are delivered by experts in their field
  • • all of whom are -currently in practice using the skills they teach
  • • provide certificates of attendance for Continuing
    Professional Development logs


Cognitive behaviour therapy can be helpful for people with a range of common mental health problems such as depression, anxieties, body image problems and eating disorders, as well as problems associated with stress and lifestyle such as relationship or sexual problems, sleep difficulties, addictions, and work issues.

At willingnesstherpy.com we offer individual CBT delivered to you using either skype or email. This allows you to manage a course of therapy into your life by having sessions at your convenience from home, work, or on the move.

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